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Keep Your Kitchen Kosher with Studio William


Keeping a Kosher kitchen is a pretty huge part of living a Kosher lifestyle and this is something Studio William remain aware of when designing our cutlery to suit all needs.

Cutlery from around the world

Art & Design

A look at the cool and unusual cutlery used by different cultures and/or for exotic cuisines.

Easter Dining Traditions


When you’re sitting down to enjoy your Easter weekend celebrations this year, at your table complete with your favourite set of Studio William cutlery, we hope you will delight in regaling some of these fun Easter facts to your family and friends!

Re-introducing the Dining Table


Meal times have always been a moment in the day, however brief, to collect yourself, allow your brain some much-needed downtime and connect with other human beings, over the shared satisfaction food can bring.

It’s International Forest Day!


March 21st is one for the diary. At the very least, it’s a date on which we should all set aside a few moments to think about our place on this earth and what makes it possible.

Mother’s Day Our Way


At Studio William, we can’t imagine anything more delightful than drawing on our oldest, deepest, home grown traditions and combining them with the best of modern design in order to honour those dearest to us.

International Happiness Day


The world celebrated the first ever international ‘Day of Happiness’ on March 20th, 2013. It has been celebrated on that day ever since as a reminder and a message to governments and individuals alike.

Valentine's Day Dining


A romantic meal is the classic way to spend Valentine’s Day with your loved one, but knowing your stuff when it comes to dining etiquette and how to make the experience a really special one can really help to make your evening extra special.

Introducing Tongs With a Difference

Art & Design

Studio William pays close attention to every detail of our designs, constantly looking to deliver products that enhance and heighten the dining experience, to increase the overall sense of wellbeing and the pleasure that are derived from the fundamental acts of eating and drinking.

Studio William & Charingworth at Ambiente

Trade Shows & Exhibitions

More than 200,00 visitors and over 6,000 exhibitors are expected at what has been called, “the most important show of its kind in Europe.”

Gravetye Manor


The concept of dining as a feast for all the senses, as well as the soul, is one that Studio Williams actively promotes. So it is a particular pleasure to introduce a Michelin starred restaurant which turns that concept into a reality and which has chosen to enhance the experience it offers with our own, award-winning range of cutlery.

Concept of Ma

Art & Design

With our awareness of the negative impact of clutter growing, we’re far more inclined to suggest leaning away from British Victorian habits and towards the far more mindful, Zen celebration of ‘Ma’ – the Japanese appreciation of negative space.

Experience Mindful Dining

Art & Design

When is a spoon not just a spoon? Or a fork not just a fork? When it is part of the multi award winning Balsa cutlery range. A range which, we feel, encourages the diner to be just a little more mindful.

Positive Resolutions


We happen to think that keeping these resolutions will not only enhance the lives of anyone who makes and keeps them, but will help to make our world a better and kinder place!

Studio William Christmas Stockings


It’s hard to believe it, but December is here already. Advent calendar doors are opening and the Christmas countdown has officially begun. So what will you be getting your loved ones this year?

Iniala Beach Resort


With crystal clear waters and other-worldly scenery, any trip to Phuket, Thailand is something dreams are made of. But pair that with one of the world’s most luxury wellness retreats and you’re really on to something exceptional.

Fine Dining Customs from Around the World


When travelling, breaking bread with locals is one of the best ways to get to know a country and the people in it, but knowing your stuff when it comes to cultural dining etiquette is absolutely essential.

Winning By Design


Crafted from stainless steel, slender, flowing and elongated like the tree itself

Vommuli Resort

Food Service

Only accessible by seaplane, this is a place of peace and indulgent relaxation with the utmost respect and consideration for guests.

Timeless Cutlery Design

Art & Design

Cutlery like this is an essential piece of the culinary puzzle, whether you’re a professional chef wanting to add those all-important finishing touches to your restaurant or a home owner who always likes to get the most out of their food.

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