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Expect bold and seasonal offerings with delightful presentations from the Latymer Restaurant with Chef Matt Worswick

A Bit About Kumquat

Art & Design

Winner of the Good Design Award 2013, the attention to detail and iconic, minimalist design has not gone unnoticed and will certainly follow suit at your dinner table.

How Cutlery Came to Be: History of Flatware in a Nutshell


Cutlery is such an everyday fixture in our lives that it can be easy to overlook the design and workmanship which has developed from thousands of years of culinary evolution.

A Sensory Feast: How Audio Affects the Dining Experience

Art & Design

Leading on from our last blog in our Sensory Feast series, where we looked at how visuals can enrich the dining experience, today we will be delving into how audio affects our perception of flavour.

Farwell to the beloved Chef Joel Robuchon

Food Service

It is with heavy hearts that we say farewell to internationally acclaimed chef Joel Robuchon, a creative genius in the kitchen who earned a remarkable 32 Michelin stars spanning his industry-changing career.

Arolla Cutlery Range


The Studio William Arolla range focuses on strength, inspired by an infinitely tolerant form of pine tree that is most commonly found in the harsh, cold climate of the Alps and Carpathian Mountains.

Get a Handle on Your Cutlery Etiquette


Now that we’ve given you the low down on how to host a dinner party with perfect etiquette and we’ve filled you in on proper UK and US table settings as well as general dining etiquette, it’s time to consider the question of cutlery etiquette.

Hall of Fame: Adam's Restaurant

Food Service

Raised on ‘real’ home-grown food and a love for bringing others happiness with a good meal, Adam Stokes has carried his passion for quality and care in the culinary industry throughout his career, from the early days until now in his Michelin star restaurant.

Sample Service


There are a lot of exceptional Studio William flatware designs to choose from. We admit, we haven’t made your life easy when it comes to making that all-important selection that will grace your home for many years to come! But we don’t just expect you to make this decision on a whim – we want you to know, wholeheartedly, that you are buying the right set and in our view there’s no better way to do that than to feel the flatware in your hands and experience the joy of dining with it, in person

The Studio William Father’s Day Gift Guide


What better gift for Dad this Father’s Day then getting him kitted out in the kitchen? Whether your old man is a bit of a culinary wizard himself or he just enjoys eating really great grub, there is little more welcomed than an award-winning addition to his daily dining experience.

Wedding Guest Cutlery Gifts


If you’re attending a wedding later in the year and you’re struggling to come up with the perfect gift for the happy couple, we’ve got you covered. You can’t get a much more traditional and appreciated gift than an exceptional cutlery set or unique, creative dining pieces to get married life off to a flying start. After all, the kitchen is the heart of the home, so having well kitted-out cutlery draws is a must for wedded bliss!

Wedding Season is Here


Wedding season is upon us! As warmer weather descends, loved up couples all over the world are getting ready to say their nuptials. The Big Day can come in all shapes and sizes: an intimate church wedding, a royal-esque cathedral affair, an exotic beach holiday or a rustic barn – but wherever those I dos are taking place, there’s one thing they will all have in common: fantastic food.

Preserving your Cutlery


When you buy something as beautiful as Studio William cutlery, you want it to last. Not just for the coming years, but as a family heirloom, living on even when your time on this Earth is done.

Moor Hall


Hailed as a ‘temple of gastronomy’ by hotel expert Fiona Duncan, despite being a baby amongst its restaurant rivals, Moor Hall has taken the foodie scene by storm since its opening in 2017 and is already home to a very comfortable Michelin star.

A Bit About Baobab Cutlery

Art & Design

With wide handles and minimalist Scandinavian-esque design, we have endeavoured to create our Baobab cutlery range to be as handsome as the iconic African tree, or at least a nod towards it – the outstanding structure of this dazzling species is undeniably hard to match!

National BBQ Week


From 28th May – 3rd June foodie fans, families and friends alike will be lighting up their BBQs up and down the UK to celebrate the 22nd National BBQ Week!

ACID: Making a Stand Against Design Theft


We all know that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, but frankly, we’d rather get our approbation some other way (lavish gifts are always welcome)…

Ones To Watch - Shane Marshall

Food Service

We love a chef with big aspirations and Shane Marshall is just that. Since opening Hatched in 2017 and laying Studio William cutlery on the tables, this cosy, international restaurant with bags of soul has gone from strength to strength; continually wowing patrons with exciting and innovative dishes and focusing attention on the little details to get people truly connecting over a great meal.

Behind the Design: Karri Cutlery

Art & Design

Our Karri cutlery has drawn from the simplicity and sophistication of this revered type of eucalyptus, with a little ingenuity thrown in for good measure. The result? One of our signature pieces and a highly celebrated design…

How visuals enrich the dining experience


As self-proclaimed gastro-adventurers, we feel as though it is our duty to not only bring you sensational (quite literally) cutlery to enhance your dining experience, but to also fill you in on all the latest sensorial findings to aid you in creating the very best food journey with each and every meal.

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