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Lympstone Manor

Food Service

Set in the luxurious surroundings of the immaculately refurbished Lympstone Manor, this one Michelin Star restaurant, of the same name, that we are now thrilled to supply our award-winning cutlery designs to is the perfect example of where 17 years cooking at a two star standard gets you upon opening your first owned restaurant.

How to Host the Perfect Easter Lunch


For most, there are only a handful of days in a year when family far and wide puts their busy day-to-day schedules aside in lieu of a get-together and Easter is one of those special times.

Dining Etiquette Do's and Don'ts


Formal or not, behaving appropriately at the dining table is a must if you ever want to be invited back! Aside from the obvious (no shoes on the table, please) there are some lesser known dining etiquette essentials that can take you from a standard dinner guest to one in the know. And those in the know always do better for it…

Studio William Michelin Star Restaurants 2018

Food Service

Being the cutlery of choice for even one Michelin star restaurant would be an honour that any cutlery designer out there would be proud to hold, but as with many things here at Studio William, we like to take it one (or two) steps further. As of 2018 Studio William cutlery graces the tables of a whopping 21 Michelin star restaurants and counting. This year alone we have welcomed five new additions to this impressive list!

A Bit About Tilia

Art & Design

As soon as you lay eyes on our Tilia cutlery range, you’ll see that it is something really quite unique. With it’s clean-flowing form of soft, curved lines meeting elegant, angular edges this design is the perfect example of complementing opposites...

Proper Dining Etiquette: The Basics Covered

Food Service

Dining etiquette varies from country to country, culture to culture and the ‘rules’ flex and flow depending on the event and the environment. Within reason, anything goes for street food and informal buffets, but if you’re planning on having any kind of sit-down meal, it’s wise to get acquainted with the ins and outs of polite and proper dining etiquette to avoid any unforgivable faux pas.

iF Product Design Award 2018


Tilia Obsidian Cutlery range now holds three of the world’s most prestigious Design Awards; the Chicago Athenaeum Good Design Award 2017, The German Design Award 2018 and now the iF Product Design Award 2018.

What Makes a Memorable Meal?

Art & Design

We are going to delve into the intricate workings of how outside factors such as sound, touch and sight affect the palette and what you can do to ensure that your surroundings are enhancing every bite taken, rather than taking away from it.

What's the Deal with Taster Tweezers?

Art & Design

Whilst perusing our Creative Dining selection of cutlery, we imagine there’s plenty that will spark your interest, but it’s Taster Tweezers that really leave people stumped. What’s the deal with those?

Delightfully Meticulous Details

Art & Design

From the humble beginnings of an idea, sparked from the inspiration of the beautiful trees, forms, reflections and architecture all around us; through the 45 manufacturing processes which we view as standard for creating our timeless designs.

Working with the ITF


It’s always nice to know, when you’re treating yourself to something quite lovely, that you’re not the only one who benefits from your purchase. This is the case when you choose to shop with Studio William, as for every £200 spent on our exceptional cutlery, we donate £2.50 to The International Tree Foundation – a charity that is close to award-winning designer William Welch’s heart for more than one reason…

Place Setting Tips and Techniques


Picture this: a dinner party, in your humble abode or otherwise. Friends, family, esteemed colleagues, foodies and gastronomical fanatics alike, all preparing to sit down and enjoy whatever culinary delights you have spent the day slaving over. Pan to the table – what do you see?

Behind the Design - Royal Oak Cutlery

Art & Design

Like all of our creations, there is so much more to each piece of the Royal Oak collection than just your average eating utensils. Everything about the Royal Oak cutlery is fit for a king, which leads us to the inspiration behind it.

How Different Materials Affect Your Taste Buds


The process in which we create our flatware is far from simple. With 45 meticulous steps of processing and finishing used for each individual piece of designer cutlery we make, we think it’s fair to say that attention to detail is not something that Studio William is lacking in.



Our newest sales team member, Samuel O'Kane was invited to a pop up event by the energetic chef on the rise, Ben Spalding.

Hofex 2017 - Hong Kong

Trade Shows & Exhibitions

We are proud to announce that Studio William will be exhibited as part of our distribution partner Inhesion's product display, HOFEX show 2017.

National Restaurant Show 2017 - Chicago

Food Service

Studio William are thrilled to announce that we will be exhibiting at this Years National Restaurant Show 2017.

Food & Hotel Indonesia 2017

Trade Shows & Exhibitions

For the Food & Hotel Indonesia Show 2017 we will be exhibited as part of the Optimia Kreasi Stand.

Ambiente Am Main 2017

Trade Shows & Exhibitions

This year will be attending some of the largest International Hospitality and Retails shows, including the incredible Ambiente Am Main Frankfurt

Ja Manafaru - Travelers Choice Award 2017


JA Manafaru named top ten in the Traveller's choice awards 2017, with Trip Advisor

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