Planting Trees with the ITF
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We are proud to support the International Tree Foundation’s work to protect forests and plant trees and to promote understanding of the vital role trees have for all life on Earth
Inspired by Nature

Our ranges:  we name each range of cutlery after a type of tree - because every tree has its own unique form. Sometimes a tree has directly inspired our design. Sometimes we see aspects of a tree reflected in our design. The Studio William team wanted to find an additional way to work with the beauty of trees. With commercial deforestation and plundering of ancient timbers, natural forests are being destroyed. It was an easy decision for us to help a charity that aims to support community forestry projects both here in the UK and in Africa.
In support of ITF’s 20 Million trees for Kenya’s Forests Centenary Campaign, we will donate £2.50 from every order of over £200 towards planting a life-giving tree in Kenya.

The International Tree Foundation

International Tree Foundation (ITF) is a pioneering environmental organisation whose origins began in Kenya in 1922 with the creation of Watu wa Miti  (People of the Trees) by Richard ‘St. Barbe’ Baker and Chief Josiah Njonjo. The Society of the Men of the Trees (MOTT) was officially founded in the UK in 1924, by Richard Baker and quickly became a popular movement across the world. In 1992, MOTT changed its name to International Tree Foundation. ITF’s patron is his Royal Highness the Prince of Wales and the charity is based in Oxford.

Over the past nine decades, ITF has helped communities develop and restore sustainable and productive landscapes through tree cultivation and encouraging community organisations to advocate, share knowledge and implement community-based forestry and agroforestry. 

Planting and growing increasing quantities of trees is the scientific solution to Earth's environmental dilemma.
- Richard ‘St. Barbe’ Baker
20 Million Trees for Kenya's Forests

As ITF is almost 100 years old, it’s fitting their Centenary Campaign takes them back to where it all began, in Kenya. Only seven per cent of Kenya’s land is covered by trees – which equates to 67 trees per person, compared with a global average of 420 per person. The aim of the campaign is to plant a total of 20 million trees in and around Kenya’s highland forests, dubbed “Water Towers” because of their vital role in conserving the country’s rivers, lakes and drinking water.

The initiative will help combat climate change, protect forest habitats for rare birds and mammals – while improving food security for some of Africa’s most vulnerable people: Around a quarter of the trees cultivated will be planted on surrounding farmland – to provide food and resources, stabilise soils and increase crop yields. Trees are essential in retaining and protecting water reserves, so the Water Towers being targeted are the Aberdares, Mount Elgon, the Cherangani Hills, and the Mau Complex – as well as Kakamega Forest, Kenya’s only rainforest.

In support of ITF’s 20 Million trees for Kenya’s Forests Centenary Campaign, every order over £200, we will donate enough to plant two life-giving trees in Kenya
- William Welch