Arolla Cutlery

Designed to be both ergonomically, and aesthetically, pleasing. Arolla is perfectly balanced, with an surprising weight and substance.

Balsa Cutlery

The latest addition to the Studio William forest, Balsa features unique and dynamic details, that complement and enhance your dining experience.

Baobab Cutlery

Baobab Cutlery is inspired by the thick beautiful trunks of the famous African “Tree of Life” – the Baobab tree. The design has a wider handle, a sense of minimalism delivered by the flat surfaces with softened edges of handles.

Karri Cutlery

Based around simplicity and sophistication, the knives are designed to stand up on the table, without falling over, akin to the great Basswood.

Kumquat Cutlery

The carefully formed handles have clean straight lines, soft, oval sections and an array of gauges, so they feel weighty, well balanced and comfortable in the hand.

Larch Cutlery

Larch cutlery has historical design influences from the 1700’s, but the flowing form gives this pattern a modern, ergonomic edge.

Mahogany Cutlery

Mahogany cutlery has been designed to highlight the functional area of a utilitarian object, by making a feature of the manufacturing processes, that go into creating cutlery.

Mulberry Cutlery

Sophisticated and timeless, the award-winning Mulberry pattern design is perfect for both contemporary and traditional table settings.

Olive Cutlery

Olive uses beautifully refined asymmetric lines, that challenge the appearance of traditional cutlery and brings personality to the dining table.

Redwood Cutlery

These giants have a unique relationship with lightning, as they need to be struck in order to stop growing. The Cherokees believe that this tree is a symbol of balance. Our Redwood cutlery pays homage to those traits, with a unique handle feel.

Royal Oak Cutlery

Hidden beneath the handles of Royal Oak Mirror is a reference to the historical “King’s pattern”. This motif can be displayed on the table in the European Style, or laid in a conventional manner, concealing the pattern, like the King himself.

Tilia Cutlery

Long and elegant, our Tilia range is unique, like the family of trees itself. The exact number of species of Tilia is subject to considerable debate, as many, or most, of the species, will hybridise readily, both in the wild and in cultivation.