Arolla Cutlery Range
Inspiration for the Arolla Cutlery Range

The Studio William Arolla range focuses on strength, inspired by an infinitely tolerant form of pine tree that is most commonly found in the harsh, cold climate of the Alps and the Carpathian Mountains.

With delicate handles that are surprisingly weighty and ergonomic curves mirroring the way in which the wind bends and shapes the Arolla tree, we are left with a perfectly balanced range of flatware that pays homage to an impeccable force of nature…

A bit about Arolla

The Arolla is an extraordinary tree. Known as ‘The Queen of the Alps’, it grows above the 5,000 foot level in mountainous, snowy regions and lives on average to around 400 but on occasion up to 800 years old - there is no denying that this is one hardy pine!

In the Middle Ages the cones of these tenacious trees were regarded as a symbol of fertility and immortality and today these, along with the needles and branches, are still harvested for the purpose of extracting a woodsy and pure essential oil, often used in aromatherapy to encourage a restful sleep and also to create Zirbenschnapps – an Alpine specialty, which drinking is described as ‘sipping the very essence of the primeval forest’.

For us though, it is the form and enduring strength of the Arolla tree itself that we find so captivating. With slim trunks that bend and curve to the rhythm of the elements leading the way to a rounded furrow of pine-laden branches, the beauty of our inspired-by range was inevitable.


Sometimes referred to as ‘eccentric’ due to the unusual aesthetics of each piece, but undeniably beautiful, the Studio William Arolla range is a fantastic example of our innovative engineering, where contemporary design meets flawless function – the future of cutlery.

With smooth waves curving the metal in a pleasing way, soft to the eye and a true work of art, you might expect this exquisite cutlery to be lighter and perhaps more fragile than it is; but just as the Arolla tree’s slender trunk leads many to believe the same of this feisty spruce, the opposite is true. Although delicate in appearance, the weight and substance is irrefutable upon closer inspection.

The Table Knife

The counter-curve of this stunning knife is our pride and joy of the Arolla range. The solid handle boasts an organic flow which then smoothly transitions into a butterfly blade.

• LENGTH 245mm


    The Fish Knife

    When serving fish at a summer soiree, you want something that really adds to the satisfaction of a flaky fillet. The charming contour of our Arolla fish knife brings something new to the table.

    • LENGTH 225mm
    • WEIGHT 55grams

    The Pastry Fork

    Tuck into a luxurious afternoon tea in quintessentially British style! The Arolla pastry fork, designed in our Stratford Upon Avon HQ, is exactly what you need for that decadent slice of Victoria sponge.

    • LENGTH 160mm
    • WEIGHT 35grams