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The Story

It is told that around the year 500ce two monks smuggled eggs and seeds from the White Mulberry tree, the food plant of the silkworm, out of China. This led to the European silk industry breaking the long-held monopoly of the ‘Silk Road’. The black mulberry tree was introduced into England by James I, who mistakenly, thought that it was the White Mulberry tree.

Sample our
iconic Mulberry
Cutlery Range

Sophisticated and timeless, the award-winning Mulberry design is perfect for both contemporary and traditional table settings.

Found at the prime minister’s residence at Nº 10 Downing Street, Mulberry was chosen to represent excellence in British design and is used by visiting diplomats and states people.

Mulberry Mirror Table Fork (360 View)
    Mulberry Mirror Table Knife (360 View)