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Finish first, take the gold

Art & Design

Gone are the days when silver was the only choice of metal finish for cutlery and flatware.

Where Are They Now? : Anabela Chan

Art & Design

Described by the Tabletop Journal as "an aphrodisiac for the appetite", this utterly unique and exquisitely designed alternative to traditional cutlery forms takes dining to new heights.

Crafty Cutlery

Art & Design

With a few simple tools and some even simpler techniques, you can turn your old cutlery into uniquely beautiful, useful and environmentally friendly objet d'art.

When Cutlery Becomes Art

Art & Design

To us, every piece of Studio William cutlery is a work of art. The time spent on each and every elegant design, inspired by the beauty and strength of the natural world around us and crafted with the utmost care and attention to detail.

Cutlery from around the world

Art & Design

A look at the cool and unusual cutlery used by different cultures and/or for exotic cuisines.

Introducing Tongs With a Difference

Art & Design

Studio William pays close attention to every detail of our designs, constantly looking to deliver products that enhance and heighten the dining experience, to increase the overall sense of wellbeing and the pleasure that are derived from the fundamental acts of eating and drinking.

Concept of Ma

Art & Design

With our awareness of the negative impact of clutter growing, we’re far more inclined to suggest leaning away from British Victorian habits and towards the far more mindful, Zen celebration of ‘Ma’ – the Japanese appreciation of negative space.

Experience Mindful Dining

Art & Design

When is a spoon not just a spoon? Or a fork not just a fork? When it is part of the multi award winning Balsa cutlery range. A range which, we feel, encourages the diner to be just a little more mindful.

Timeless Cutlery Design

Art & Design

Cutlery like this is an essential piece of the culinary puzzle, whether you’re a professional chef wanting to add those all-important finishing touches to your restaurant or a home owner who always likes to get the most out of their food.

A Bit About Kumquat

Art & Design

Winner of the Good Design Award 2013, the attention to detail and iconic, minimalist design has not gone unnoticed and will certainly follow suit at your dinner table.

A Sensory Feast: How Audio Affects the Dining Experience

Art & Design

Leading on from our last blog in our Sensory Feast series, where we looked at how visuals can enrich the dining experience, today we will be delving into how audio affects our perception of flavour.

A Bit About Baobab Cutlery

Art & Design

With wide handles and minimalist Scandinavian-esque design, we have endeavoured to create our Baobab cutlery range to be as handsome as the iconic African tree, or at least a nod towards it – the outstanding structure of this dazzling species is undeniably hard to match!

Behind the Design: Karri Cutlery

Art & Design

Our Karri cutlery has drawn from the simplicity and sophistication of this revered type of eucalyptus, with a little ingenuity thrown in for good measure. The result? One of our signature pieces and a highly celebrated design…

A Bit About Tilia

Art & Design

As soon as you lay eyes on our Tilia cutlery range, you’ll see that it is something really quite unique. With it’s clean-flowing form of soft, curved lines meeting elegant, angular edges this design is the perfect example of complementing opposites...

What Makes a Memorable Meal?

Art & Design

We are going to delve into the intricate workings of how outside factors such as sound, touch and sight affect the palette and what you can do to ensure that your surroundings are enhancing every bite taken, rather than taking away from it.

What's the Deal with Taster Tweezers?

Art & Design

Whilst perusing our Creative Dining selection of cutlery, we imagine there’s plenty that will spark your interest, but it’s Taster Tweezers that really leave people stumped. What’s the deal with those?

Delightfully Meticulous Details

Art & Design

From the humble beginnings of an idea, sparked from the inspiration of the beautiful trees, forms, reflections and architecture all around us; through the 45 manufacturing processes which we view as standard for creating our timeless designs.

Behind the Design - Royal Oak Cutlery

Art & Design

Like all of our creations, there is so much more to each piece of the Royal Oak collection than just your average eating utensils. Everything about the Royal Oak cutlery is fit for a king, which leads us to the inspiration behind it.

Tilia Obsidian Good Design Award 2016

Art & Design

We are thrilled to announce that Tilia Obsidian has been awarded a Good Design Award 2016 by the Chicago Athenaeum Museum of Architecture and Design.

London Design Museum Opening

Art & Design

The London Design Museum has moved from it's home on The River Thames to it's newly refurbished home in South Kensington. William Welch, CEO and Lead Product Designer of Studio William was invited to the grand opening.

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