Crafty Cutlery
Art & Design

Once you have tried our cutlery we are confident you will agree that, without a doubt, switching to Studio William cutlery raises the experience of eating to another level. But once you’ve made the switch, what will you do with that old cutlery?

You could just stick it in some drawer of course, where it would take up space and add unnecessary clutter to your life. You could just throw it away, which would be horribly wasteful of an important and finite resource. Recycling it would be much better but it still requires an energy-intensive process before the metal can be reused. You could donate it to charity to benefit a good cause and help out someone looking for one of life’s necessities without any cost to the environment. But if you’re feeling really adventurous, you could always try your hand at ‘cutlery craft’ and up-cycle your old utensils by transforming them into handsome and quirky craft pieces.

For the Creator

From coat hooks to wind chimes, jewellery to garden ornaments and even, for the truly ambitious, cutlery furniture. With a few simple tools and some even simpler techniques, you can turn your old cutlery into uniquely beautiful, useful and environmentally friendly objet d'art. It really is astonishing just how decorative and functional cutlery based items can be. Even with little effort, experience or expense involved, cutlery craft can be a very rewarding and fun way to get creative. You’ll find tips, ideas and tutorials aplenty online as well as lots of inspirational images to get you started. We particularly liked "Scrap Hacker"

Once you’ve re-used all the old cutlery that would have otherwise been left to fester in a drawer, you will almost certainly find further supplies a-plenty in the drawers and attics of family and friends! And when those are used up, charity shops and auction houses should keep you supplied indefinitely! (Considering that some restaurants will automatically replace all their cutlery every couple of years, finding useful ways of upcycling this ‘resource’ is currently a much bigger challenge than sourcing old cutlery sets in the first place!

For the Collector

But if getting crafty isn’t your thing, we think it’s still well worth taking a look at some of the cutlery craft available to buy. If you find some of these items as attractive as we do, then consider supporting the artisans by donating your old pieces to their workshops.

Shabby-Chic chandeliers, cool candlesticks, funky frames, jazzed-up jewellery and more are now being made and sold both online and at craft fairs and markets up and down the country. Artisans are providing a new lease of life for utensils that have outlived their original purpose and are making a very positive contribution to the environment at the same time. And not only is cutlery craft good for the planet, but it is often as beautiful as it is unusual and unique. In other words, you won’t ever find an identical item gracing someone else’s home.


At the very least, we hope that if you decide to elevate your dining experience with a new set of Studio William cutlery, you’ll consider re-using or ‘rehoming’ your old knives and forks to give them a new lease of life - and do something good for the planet in the process.