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Finish first, take the gold

Gone are the days when silver was the only choice of metal finish for cutlery and flatware. Now, particularly with the use of brass firmly fixed in the dining industry, a wide variety of colours, tones and even textures are available for your essential table items.

A Contemporary Twist on a Classic.

You merely have to browse our multi-award-winning cutlery ranges to see that we love to shake things up. But we also never compromise on quality and this is where we know we stand out from the crowd of gold, black, copper and even petrol cutlery you can find in most home-depots. The thing with fashion is that often, the aesthetics of something can stand in the way and although playing around with finish, as with any trend, can lead to some exceptional design work, it can also lead to a dining experience that is far from what it should be.

‘Why is this?’ You might wonder. It all comes down to the materials used to make the cutlery itself, not just the finish. It may be covered up, but the brass so often used to make these vibrant knives and forks is still very much there. Dr. Zoe Laughlin and Professor Mark Miodownik, both co-directors of the Institute of Making at University College London, discovered at their spoon-tasting experiment in 2012 that the material you choose to eat with can dramatically affect the flavour of your food.

As Miodownik pointed out, "We were not just tasting the spoons but actually eating them because with each lick we were consuming perhaps a hundred billion atoms."

Here at Studio William, you’ll find a choice of metal finishes such as silverplate, 24k gold plate and a range of inert PVD finishes such as Obsidian, Black, Copper and Chocolate, which don’t affect the flavour or enjoyment of your food in the slightest.

Beneath those beautiful outer coatings lie our premium 18/10 stainless steel, which produces little to no taste. This allows the symphony of flavours on your plate to shine through in every mouthful.

This was shown to be the case at Laughlin and Miodownik’s research dinner, where it was agreed that copper spoons harmonized perfectly with mango chutney. And a gold spoon raised the bar on sweet, creamy puds to something quite heavenly.

So, having pieces of cutlery in certain metal finishes to be brought out for specific dishes can enhance your experience of food in a unique way (just as our textured spoons are designed to do the same). But for a cutlery set which amplifies your enjoyment of a meal, regardless of the ingredients, your best option will always be stainless steel and finishes, which have been crafted to produce little or no flavour, such as our PVD.

If you’re tempted by cutlery that looks a little bit different, metal finishes are a fun way to go. Just steer clear of cheap materials such as brass and zinc masquerading as something fancy. We're sorry to say it, but you can't buy a set of genuine 24K gold plated cutlery for the bargain price of £9.99.

We've been serving the biggest names in hospitality for the better part of 15 years, so you know when you choose a Studio William product, you're in good hands.

Obsidian PVD

Black flatware has been fast gaining popularity on the dining circuit, for it’s sleek, chic appearance and beautiful contrast against some of the latest homeware trends, such as marble and white dishware. Our Obsidian finish is not plated or painted as you’ll find with many other black cutlery options, but crafted out of coloured stainless steel PVD which uses Titanium Ion Plating to improve the performance by increasing wear, scratch, and corrosion resistance. This method not only leaves the cutlery looking fantastic, with it’s blackened tone, but its durability far superior to conventional coating methods such as electroplating or powder-coating.

Silver & Gold Plating

For a truly classic look, sometimes only silver or gold will do. These have, after all, only been replaced by stainless steel offerings as heirloom cutlery brought out for special occasions and the elegance of these finishes may never dwindle. And trend forecasters seem to agree!

Satin Finish

Super shiny cutlery isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, and a matte, satin finish might be just what you need to bring your dining table into the world of contemporary style. Understated and extremely cool, the satin finish sits spectacularly in almost any setting.

Mirror Finish

On the opposite end of the scale, our mirror finish provides a gleam like non-other. Subjected to 42 individual hand finishing processes, these pieces are the jewel of any table; more sleek and refined than the rough-luxe, deliberately battered appearance that seems to be dominating casual dining establishments.

Planish Finish

Inspired by the hammering marks evenly placed by our silversmith over the surfaces of the handles, the planished hammered look is very aesthetic on metal. For our Charingworth Cutlery brand, we have then taken the added steps of applying brushed polishing mops after the hammering process is finished, to sanitize all the heads and handles.

Planish by Charingworth will be available from mid-November 2019.

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