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An Interview with Beth Toovey

Pop up fine dining and kitchen events are the best way to discover some of the best chefs, restaurants and food trends all in one place, and all for one price. And we couldn't be more excited to be partnering up with one of the UK's most popular, the Sauce Supper Club, which brings you exceptional cooking at the highest level and exquisite wine pairings that will take you on a gastronomic journey to remember.

Foodies rejoice!

We're thrilled to be joining the Sauce Supper Club event this August to share our expertise and experience in elevating the dining experience. Diners will also be treated to a free Spork, one of our best selling, creative dining pieces, made to deliver exceptional performance when eating food-on-the-move. So join us! For a food adventure into the unknown.

For many years, Owner and co-Founder of the Sauce Supper Club, Beth Toovey, has worked with many of the UK’s best chefs. Now, a collaboration of over 30 years' knowledge of the food industry has allowed her to extend her passion for fine dining and warm hospitality to the world. Here, we talk to Beth about what the Sauce Supper Club is all about, and how it came to be:

Q. Thanks for taking time out of your busy schedule for us Beth! First of all, tell us: what is the Sauce Supper Club?

A. Sauce Supper Club is a dining event my husband, Jon, and I have created, to be able to deliver relaxed fine dining experiences through a series of pop up kitchen events. Chefs from Michelin starred restaurants and highly commended chefs come along to showcase their food and talents with the emphasis on bringing amazing food experiences to new audiences.

Q. How did Sauce Supper Club begin?

A. Jon and I supply ingredients to high-end eateries and have done for many years, so we’re fortunate enough to be in contact with many amazing chefs – and we get to experience some incredible food. But we noticed that, while our friends have always been jealous, they wouldn’t make the effort to visit any of the restaurants – so we decided to bring the chefs to them!

Sauce’s first supper club was over three years ago and featured the Michelin starred Brad Carter of Carters of Moseley and was a huge success with diners.

Q. What do you hope to give people by offering the Sauce Supper Club experience?

A. It’s lovely to have a favourite restaurant and look forward to that one dish you always order. With Sauce Supper Club, we help people discover their next favourite restaurant, and next ‘must have again as soon as possible’ dish! We bring in chefs from all over the country so you can try the food you have been stalking on Instagram without having to travel away from home. With great access to the chefs, it really is a special occasion.

Q. What do you see happening in the future of Sauce Supper Club?

A. We’re really looking forward to working with old and new chefs to deliver more and more exciting Supper Clubs all over the UK.

Q. Why have you chosen to offer a Studio William Spork to all new members?

A. Studio William Cutlery is the epitome of incredible design and quality and we really hope our partnership elevates our dining experiences. We wanted to give diners a memento from the evening and the Spork is such a fantastic piece especially ahead of all single-use plastic cutlery being outlawed in 2021.

For dates and reservations visit:

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