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How to Host the Perfect Easter Lunch

Fine Dining for Easter: How to Host the Perfect Easter Lunch

For most, there are only a handful of days in a year when family far and wide puts their busy day-to-day schedules aside in lieu of a get-together and Easter is one of those special times. Regardless of whether or not you take part in the religious side of things, a holiday like this calls for great food, fun company and scintillating conversation where you catch up on all that you’ve missed. The best way to get all of this in one go? Host a dinner party of course! Or rather, a lunch party.

Hosting an Easter lunch provides the perfect opportunity to enjoy a relaxed atmosphere with loved ones whilst still making it memorable by tying in an element of fine dining. You’re bound to be putting on an impressive spread but there is more to getting it right than the food alone. Host etiquette, table setting and appropriate ambience all play an integral role in the success of any dinner party and dining with your family for Easter should be no different.

Here are our top tips on how to go about delivering an exceptional dining experience this Easter:

Pre-empt Your Guests Needs

From dietary restrictions and preferences to extra requirements needed for members of the family and their plus ones, doing your homework and knowing what your guests need to feel totally at ease during their time with you is the first and foremost thing you should be considering. Before you plan your menu, make sure to ask everyone of their needs to avoid a difficult situation.

Stick with What You Know

Although you may end up having to make some adjustments or have alternative options available to suit your guest’s needs, try not to go too crazy on the adventurous menu when you’re coming up with what to cook. We love experimental flavours and fresh ideas, but when you’re putting on a dinner party you’ll have enough on your plate as it is without having to contend with developing new skills in the kitchen.
If you know that you cook something really well, stick with it and do it exceptionally. Obviously for Easter lunch, you’ll probably be looking at the traditional roast options but just because its classic doesn’t mean it has to be boring. Instead of trying to change things up too much with radical techniques and recipes, why not try presenting the food in a new way instead?

Lights, music, action!

For a successful dinner party, you must consider all outside factors too – the lighting and music being two of the most important for getting the right ambience.
Create an upbeat playlist that refrains from being overpowering (read our blog on the effects of audible sensory seasoning to discover how it’s not just ingredients that can muddy flavours) – we love Django Reinhardt for his palatable gypsy jazz, still considered to be the ‘signature soundtrack of Paris’.
Lighting should be reasonably bright for a lunchtime affair, so keep the overheads on but warm in up with some unscented candles on the table.

Watch Your Etiquette!

As the host, it’s down to you to set the tone and lead by example. If you don’t know how to handle your cutlery like a pro, create the best seating arrangements or serve food without a fault you might want to have a read of our blog on proper dining etiquette…

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