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Wedding Season is Here

Wedding season is upon us! As warmer weather descends, loved up couples all over the world are getting ready to say their nuptials. The Big Day can come in all shapes and sizes: an intimate church wedding, a royal-esque cathedral affair, an exotic beach holiday or a rustic barn – but wherever those I dos are taking place, there’s one thing they will all have in common: fantastic food.

A good meal is one of those special things that brings family and friends together and it is always a main feature at every wedding. The wedding breakfast, the canapes, the afternoon teas, the late night snacks, the cake…every moment of the day is punctuated by the international language of food and we here at Studio William are always thrilled to be an important part of that.

The Royal Oak Set (Goldplate or Mirror)

What better cutlery to eat your wedding meal off than that fit for royalty? Our Royal Oak set is the perfect match for really special occasions and ideal for setting a regal tone on your Big Day.

Inspired by our rich, British heritage, specifically the famous escape of Charles II of England during the Battle of Worcester each piece has a timeless design and a unique mark of beauty in the shape of ‘the King’s pattern’ motif emblazoned in gold plate on the handles, which can be displayed upright in an unconventional setting or hidden underneath, just like the King who took shelter among the roots of a towering oak tree, in a traditional setting.

This exceptionally grand collection is the choice of multiple Michelin star restaurants all over the world and also that of the prestigious Etihad Airways first class and in residence flights.

Arolla Mirror Pastry Forks

If you’re treating your guests to the talents of a fabulous pastry chef, whether that’s as part of the wedding breakfast or perhaps a separate afternoon tea, don’t ruin the experience by skipping the little details that make all the difference.

Great pastry is an art-form. It is delicate, complementary to its filling, and down-right decadent so give it the attention it deserves with our Arolla pastry forks – lightweight and dainty, designed to enjoy pastry the way it should be.

Our pastry forks are available in a wide range of designs, so if you love the idea but want a different look, we’ll have something that fits. Take a look at the options here.

Taster Spoons

Who says the main gastronomical event is only the big meal? With a spot of creative dining, the canapes you serve will be something your family and friends talk about for years to come! Shake off the notion that canapes are simply fillers: these little tidbits have the potential to be SO much more. Our taster spoons can help you transform something seemingly simply into a flavour sensation!

Serve sample bites of roast beef and Yorkshire with the perfect crescent of jus in the cresent spoon. Target the taste buds with contrasting yet complementary flavours with our spilt spoon or play with textures for a sensory experience. There are so many fun and exciting ways to use these clever little servers.

Serving Spoon & Fork Set

Don’t allow your serving utensils to let good food down. Just because you’re not directly eating off them, the instruments you use to plate up, particularly if from self-serve dishes and bowls, can make or break a dining experience.

Make sure that every last inch of your wedding meal is carefully considered and ensure that even the process of plating food is a joy.

Mulberry Mirror Ladle & Pie Server

Don’t forget the cake! Cutting and serving your wedding cake is a moment that is going to be a treasured memory forever more, so do it in style. Our Mulberry pie server is a dreamy blend of contemporary and classic design, making this a wonderful choice for a classic wedding and something you can bring home with you and use on a regular basis.

Offering single cream with your cake? Pour with the matching ladle!

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