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Copper Load of These Ore-Some Metal Finishes

Copper Load of These Ore-Some Metal Finishes

For executive chefs, restaurateurs and venue owners wanting to stay on top of their game, it's vital to ensure their establishments are in-keeping with the best new styles. Metal finishes are one such trend.

You’d be hard-pressed to find a room that doesn’t feature metallic accents in some way – taps, door handles, light fittings…metal finishes are long-standing in the world of interiors. But as with everything, trends change.

Metal finish trends are a big deal.

We're not just talking fixtures and fittings here. The last few years, in particular, have made space for this design aesthetic to come to the fore in many ways – a streak of industrial iron here, a vein of shiny chrome or aged brass there. Metal has become the must-have addition to any cool dining space, and the way it is used can transform a room, from tough-luxe decadent to futuristic chic.

For a long time, mirror chrome, multi-coloured PVD coatings, and various silver shades were the top choices. But brass, copper and gold have really taken the lead when it comes to popular metal finish trends. Many experts expect these will remain the top picks for some time, with a few new names making an appearance too. The ways in which metal is being used in interiors seems to be ever-changing though, with designers getting more and more adventurous, playing with textured, metal-flecked wallpapers, flourishes of metal elements where you least expect it and new ways to introduce it into a room.

Elegant & Sophisticated

Brassware and gold, in particular, are metal trends now synonymous with elegance and high-end hotels and restaurants. Even more so when paired with dark, contrasting colour schemes. And although this look has been popular for a while, it is still managing to look contemporary and down-right aspirational – unsurprising perhaps, given that these trends stem from timeless, vintage classics.

Colour of the year

Copper is another metal finish which remains a steadfast favourite, especially now with ‘Living Coral’ being the 2019 Pantone colour of the year. More vibrant than brass, it’s easier to get copper wrong, but get it right and your interiors will reap the benefits of this brave metal finish choice. Uses which are slightly more subtle are favoured for this metal: metal legs on furniture, or even just ‘painted socks’ on furniture feet, or dainty accents paired with grounding wood tones.

Despite the world’s love for warm metal trends, cooler notes are also making a comeback, although not as glaringly obvious as in the form of mirror or satin chrome. Hints of nickel and silver pushing through the brass and gold are turning things a little cooler, with a very definitely vintage finish, maybe heading the way for a switch in favourites over the coming years.

The new kid on the block

Obsidian. Although a non-metal element the illustrious finish of this material sees it grouped with metal trends and it could well overtake the gold-toned finishes that have been the favourites for so long. It’s certainly a little bit sci-fi and seriously suave. The perfect choice to complement Japanese-inspired or cutting edge contemporary décor and something we're very excited to see more of!

Serve Up A Metal Finish of Your Own

Subject to a minimum order, Studio William can add a PVD finish in any colour to any of their ranges.

For more information, or to request a quote, please contact the sales team by phone or email.

(+44) 01386 800 000

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