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We’re not ashamed to admit that we’re obsessed with quality.

From the humble beginnings of an idea, sparked from the inspiration of the beautiful trees, forms, reflections and architecture all around us; through the 45 manufacturing processes which we view as standard for creating our timeless designs; and ending with rigorous quality control checks that ensures our customers receive a perfect product, every time. Superb quality is synonymous with Studio William. It’s just a part of who we are.

As the son of one of the most recognised Industrial Designers in Post-War Britain, a love of the craft runs in William Welch’s blood, so it’s no wonder that each and every piece of Studio William cutlery is a thing of beauty. Instruments created with the utmost respect for food and gastronomy, intended to enhance the dining experience as an integral piece of a delicious puzzle. An extension of the food and a joy in and of itself, rather than a perfunctory utensil that is simply ‘used’.

For generations, the impact of cutlery on what we eat has been overlooked, but with more and more studies coming to the surface detailing how the weight, texture, appearance and materials used to form the cutlery affects flavour, it has become abundantly clear that our obsession with quality is justified. When you interact with Studio William cutlery, dining is taken to the next level, thanks to our cutting edge design led by function and beauty in equal measures.

Here at Studio William, we focus solely on cutlery…

Through a life of dedication and hard work, training in Furniture Design and Silversmithing and using his passion to develop his own, unique and contemporary take on the experience of cutlery as a whole, William brought our quintessentially English company to life in the quaint, British town of Stratford-Upon-Avon, where we still design our cutlery today.

We appreciate tradition and we love creating timeless, heirloom-quality designs that sit well in any environment for any occasion. But we also pride ourselves on being pioneers in the cutlery industry; specialising in innovative and near rebellious sensory forms which challenge the ordinary and inject a new lease of life into fine dining.
Studio William stands out from the crowd by combining both of these aspects of our personality, resulting in elegant flatware that stands the test of time, still packed with rambunctious character and inspiring with revolutionary functionality.


    360 View Olive Mirror Table Knife

    "We are always striving to push the boundaries of the dining experience. We strongly believe that just because our industry is old, doesn’t mean you have to stop innovating."
    - William Welch

    The Design Process of Studio William Cutlery

    Studio William Cutlery goes through approximately 45 processing and finishing techniques before gracing your table and every step is essential to the superior quality of the final result.

    After our initial sketches are transformed into a visual representation using Computer Aided Design software, we create highly detailed engineering drawings to be sent to our model maker, who then accurately interprets our designs into precise reality in the form of hand-carved wooden or high-density foam models. This enables us to gain a better understanding of how the final piece will look and feel in the hand.
    After making any adjustments we feel are required for perfection, we then take this model-making one step further and create a hand-made sterling silver version to confirm the feeling of the weight of each piece, which is vital to the pleasing balance of our cutlery.

    Once we’re 100% happy with all elements of the finished design, the manufacturing process begins

    Starting with a single sheet of stainless steel and finished with our refined, acid-etched Studio William logo; Discover the fundamental steps all of our spoons, forks and knives go through on our ‘How it’s Made’ page, which leads to the exceptional results of our award-winning cutlery, described by our customers as ‘elegant and beautifully designed’…

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