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What’s the Deal with Taster Tweezers?

Studio William Innovation: What's the Deal with Taster Tweezers?

Whilst perusing our Creative Dining selection of cutlery, we imagine there’s plenty that will spark your interest, but it’s Taster Tweezers that really leave people stumped. What’s the deal with those?

Here at Studio William, we like to push boundaries. We like to have fun with our designs and in turn, invite chefs and diners to have fun eating with them. But our Taster Tweezers are way beyond a novelty – as with all of our Creative Dining cutlery, they are a new and innovative way to enjoy food from a whole new perspective…

The Inspiration

Before forks and knives and spoons, in the East, there were chopsticks. Created roughly 5,000 years ago in China as a cooking tool and later, employed as wooden table utensils at around 400AD; these were a far superior dining instrument than the cutlery being used elsewhere, which were being made out of certain metals that we now know to mar the flavour of food (check out our blog on how the material your cutlery is made of affects your taste buds here). But there’s more to our Taster Tweezers than that…

The Science

Aside from chopsticks usually being made out of wood, which tasted considerably better than say iron or even silver in later years, it was the way in which this unusual method of eating allowed you to interact with your food that really changed the experience. We do have our own Studio William stainless steel chopsticks available, but we wanted to take this one step further with innovative design and thus, our Taster Tweezers were born.

Our Creative Dining range is designed to enhance and augment the perception of flavour and turn the process of eating into a multi-sensory experience. We’ve got Taster Spoons, cleverly crafted to target the tongue’s papillary receptors, textured flatware to stimulate the tongue and lips in a whole new way and here, of course, our Taster Tweezers, offering the perfect solution for singling out and bringing to life flavours perhaps otherwise overlooked or underappreciated.

A report published in Psychological Science, a journal of the Association for Psychological Science, found that fewer and smaller bites of food leads to a more satisfying experience all-round, thanks to the brain retaining a far clearer memory of that first, tantalising taste. Using our Taster Tweezers allows the diner to explore the enjoyment of a dainty mouthful in such a way that is quite different from that which you get from a forkful, for example.

The Experience

So, we know that just the action of eating with our Taster Tweezers alters your interaction with food, but for us, it’s also about the feel of them in your hand and the look of them at the table that makes them all the more special.

The design of our Taster Tweezers is soft and fluid, with gentle curves which are as pleasing to the eye as they are to be held comfortably in your hands. These are undoubtedly a graceful and contemporary addition to any table and a conversation piece from start to finish.

You’ll love using Taster Tweezers as an ergonomic alternative to chopsticks, for the targeted flavour they deliver and the joy they bring at each bite. For chefs, your customers will delight at their edgy design and you can bring them into the kitchen too, for those all-important final touches on delicate plates that fumbling fingers can’t quite handle.


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