Iniala Beach Resort

With crystal clear waters and other-worldly scenery, any trip to Phuket, Thailand is something dreams are made of. But pair that with one of the world’s most luxury wellness retreats and you’re really on to something exceptional.

Iniala is everyone’s fantasy. From the intrepid explorer searching for enriching experiences to the luxe pamper fanatic looking for life-changing rejuvenation. Not the mention gastro-adventurers, who are truly in for a treat under the care of acclaimed Chef Tim Butler, who ‘heads up a team of expert Thai and Western chefs solely focused on delivering delicious food exclusively for the guests of Iniala’.

With the classic choices of fresh seafood, traditional Thai food and an exceptional Mediterranean restaurant, each menu at Iniala boasts a wealth of delectable offerings. Our part in this, is our contribution of our curvaceous Arolla range.

Innovative by design and a true joy to look at and use, Studio William Arolla cutlery has been carefully selected for Iniala to enhance the dining experience for all guests who have the pleasure of visiting.

The Food

Iniala’s globally-influenced seafood restaurant offers an experience like no-other. With stunning views in its luxurious beach house location, this is immersive dining at it’s best, combining freshly caught, local seafood with every element of the ocean we all know and love.

With new discoveries emerging in world of neuroscience suggesting that just being near the sea enhances your overall wellbeing and helps to relax and soothe the senses, everything about this stunning restaurant is designed to be wonderful. The addition of our Arolla cutlery only serves to make this better. Delicate handles are balanced by weight, ergonomic curves which feels completely at home in your hand. Because of this, nothing detracts from your meal – everything is just as it should be. Perfect.

If seafood’s not what you fancy, Iniala has a range of other fabulous offerings. Traditiona Thai food gives guests the opportunity to samples classics at their finest with a menu that adopts a traditional approach in creating balance between hot, sour, sweet and salty flavours, with each dish delivering surprising tastes and textures with subtle elegance. Alternatively, tuck into ‘modern Mediterranean cuisine’ or indulge in artisanal breads, pastries and cakes created by Chef David Inglada, a man renowned for being one of Thailand's top pastry chefs.

The Drink

No meal is complete without the right wine and fortunately, Iniala sommelier, Fabien Etienne, is there to assist. Formerly from ‘Dinner’ by Heston Blumenthal, Etienne has personally crafted an impressive wine list for the Iniala restaurants, consisting of over 350 impeccable labels.

Why Arolla?

We are often tasked with providing a luxury resort or restaurant with the best cutlery for their needs and with a wide range to choose from, you might wonder how we go about doing that.

Naturally, we work closely with the creative minds behind the place in question and learn everything we can about what their brand and what they hope to achieve for those dining. In Iniala’s case, it was all about striking a balance between opulence and the laid-back vibes – the key to your ideal holiday. Somewhere you can completely relax and feel at ease, while giving into sheer sumptuousness.

Arolla was a clear match. A prime example of award-winning Studio William engineering, Arolla is a work of art to both behold and use – a fusion of exquisite aesthetics and flawless function designed with even the most seasoned diner in mind.