Studio William Christmas Stockings

It’s hard to believe it, but December is here already. Advent calendar doors are opening and the Christmas countdown has officially begun. So what will you be getting your loved ones this year?

It’s easy to get swept up in the consumer madness of the holiday season, with early sales announced here there and everywhere and mass production of unwanted and often unethical goods stepping up a notch. Although we love the act of giving and receiving gifts here at Studio William, we’re firmly of the mind-set that fewer, better and eco-conscious presents is the way to go.

Christmas is a time for giving, but one place so many of us go wrong is that we forget to give back to the planet at the same time as treating our family and friends. It’s easy to be duped into the idea that ‘eco-friendly’ stands for less choice and less stylish offerings, but not so! With the awareness of the condition of our world and the things we can do to protect it and everyone who lives here ever-broadening, the options for beautiful, ethical gifts is growing every day and we, for one, are delighted about this.

From ditching single-use plastics by replacing throw-away items with keepers to buying from companies who give back in some way, there are so many ways to shop right during the holiday season.

When shopping with Studio William you can do so with the confidence that we’re doing our bit to keep our world in good shape. For every order over £200 we donate £2.50 to the International Tree Foundation to plant a life-giving tree in Kenya.

Aside from for shopping consciously with Studio William, here are a few of our favourite ethical and eco-friendly stocking fillers to delight your loved ones with this year:

One of the biggest culprits for single use plastics filling up our oceans is plastic drinks bottles, so switching those up for a reusable bottle is a great thing to do.

This 18/8 stainless steel choice not only keeps your water tasting fresh (stainless steel imparts no flavour) but it also looks super-smart, coming in five different colours and 100% of the profits go straight into water projects around the world. Yup, you read that right, 100%!

And just to top it off (literally) it even comes complete with a plastic-free, sustainable bamboo lid.

Cartwright & Butler Sea Salted Almonds in Milk Chocolate £7.50

Who doesn’t love a sweet treat in their stocking? Christmas wouldn’t be Christmas without a little indulgence. But many of the standard chocolate bars come at great cost to our planet, from using palm oil to unethical labour practice.

Cartwright and Butler does things differently. UK made, vegetarian, palm oil free and recyclable/reusable packaging. These delicious bites are as good for your soul as for your taste buds!

How many horrible plastic sporks have you used on an office lunch in your lifetime? Even one is too many, not just for the detriment to your meal, but for the plight of the planet too. Fortunately, we’ve designed our own 18/10 stainless steel version of this on-the-go classic which will serve you very well for every lunch time from now on.

But its use doesn’t have to stop at your lunchbox – these are also a favourite among Michelin star chefs for a unique, creative dining solution. A fun and effective way to serve Christmas dinner guests canapes.

A journal is a wonderful Christmas gift for all ages. Use it for documenting adventures of the year to come. Keep it as an heirloom recipe book. Or take it traveling around the world as as constant companion. We love this handmade option, put together by a co-operative of 40 families in India using traditional methods and natural materials.

The leather is hand-dyed with tree bark and vegetable extract and the recycled cotton paper makes this a very eco-conscious product. Style and grace without compromise.