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Positive Resolutions


The trouble with New Year’s resolutions is that we tend not to keep to them. We make them with the best of intentions. We may even begin the year by sticking to them faithfully. But most of us will quickly find that we have let them fall to the wayside as our will to stick to that diet, get to the gym more often, drink less or spend less is overtaken by events - or just by old habits.

One reason New Year resolutions are so often hard to keep is that let’s face it, they tend to be punitive rather than rewarding. We may long for the reward of a slimmer, fitter body but achieving it requires giving up the things we like or putting effort into a physical routine that we find gruelling. The result is that we give up long before we have achieved the desired result.

We’ve come up with some resolutions, however, where the effort required provides an immediate reward. And we happen to think that keeping these resolutions will not only enhance the lives of anyone who makes and keeps them but will help to make our world a better and kinder place!




We live in a world, where time always seems to be at a premium and where the simple joys of companionship, the pleasure and enjoyment of the society of friends and family are harder to fit into our lives. The importance of taking time to relax with the people who matter to us is something we all recognise.
Probably, most of us feel we should make the effort more often because we know, instinctively, that doing so is not just something we ought to do, but something we need to do for our own wellbeing. Spending quality time with others makes us happier, healthier and more fulfilled. But how do you find that extra time without sacrificing something else? We think to have the answer. You just have to make two resolutions – and stick to them!

Everyone has to eat. Everyone knows that a sandwich grabbed on the way to work and hurriedly eaten over a ‘working’ lunch really isn’t a meal. Meals are both a necessity for all of us and a huge factor in our quality of life. So we suggest you use mealtimes to make a life-altering improvement both for yourself and for others.

RESOLUTION 1 - Plan Your Meals

Set aside time each week to plan a pleasurable breakfast, lunch and dinner and, as part of the planning, set aside the time to enjoy these meals.

The meals do not have to be elaborate. Even the simplest of meals can be joyful, satisfying experiences with a little thought and preparation. And they do not have to last for hours. A forty-five-minute lunch break can become a pure delight, a time when both body and soul are recharged and restored with just a little imagination. (And remember, the time you spend planning each week is part of the pleasure. It should be an exercise in adventure and delight!)

Once the ‘plan’ is in place, you can incorporate resolution number two…

RESOLUTION 2 - Share with Family

Share these mealtimes, as often as possible, with friends and family.

This can be as much fun to organise as it is to do. Set up ‘breakfast dates’, at home or at a favourite café. Meet a partner, friend or a child for a picnic lunch, or bring a picnic to work and share with colleagues (no ‘shop’ talk allowed). Invite friends round for dinner. You’d be surprised how quick and easy a meal of pasta, salad and good wine can be. The ‘sauce’ is the company! Cook a special meal at home for your partner or family, setting a table as beautiful as the best people in your life deserve (read our blog on how to do that, here). Remember that you are feeding all the senses and enjoy designing, not just a meal, but an experience.

Do remember, also, to put the same effort into planning a few solitary mealtime delights too. Time alone is an important human need and we often forget that we need to plan alone time, to make it as nurturing and restorative as possible.

There are innumerable ways to make even the shortest mealtime a pleasurable and memorable experience. From the cutlery you use to the music played in the background. Once you get started, you’ll find the effects of this approach so rewarding that we can almost guarantee that you won’t want to stop. And the more you do it, the easier and more effortless it becomes.

What, if anything, does all this have to do with good design – something we are so passionate about here, at Studio William? You might think that the design part only applies when it comes to the table you set and the accessories and furnishings you choose. If so, you would be mistaken. Making and sticking to these resolutions is, in fact, all about designing truly rewarding experiences. And great design is all about enhancing life through truly rewarding experiences.

So, in reality, these resolutions are a way to bring great design into the way you live! Why not give them a go in 2019 and see what wonderful changes they can bring.

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