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Fine Dining and Fabulous Cutlery

Being the cutlery of choice for even one Michelin star restaurant would be an honour that any cutlery designer out there would be proud to hold, but as with many things here at Studio William, we like to take it one (or two) steps further. As of 2018 Studio William cutlery graces the tables of a whopping 21 Michelin star restaurants and counting. This year alone we have welcomed five new additions to this impressive list!

Welcoming five NEW Studio William Supplied Michelin Restaurants in 2018…

Elystan Street (NEW)

Lympstone Manor (NEW)

Moor Hall (NEW)

Redefining Fine Dining

If you’ve read our blogs on sensory seasoning and how different materials affect your taste buds, you’ll already know that the impact cutlery has on a meal has the potential to be game-changing. Our beautifully designed tableware takes everything into consideration: the aesthetics, the weight, the metal used, the functional design. Nothing is compromised and as a result, the impeccably prepared food you’ll be served at these exceptional restaurants tastes even better.


Heston Blumenthal, head chef and owner of the world-famous eatery ‘The Fat Duck’ – one of only five three-star restaurants in the world and a Studio William user - would be the first to attest to these claims. His industry-changing work alongside food revolutionary, Charles Spence, has revealed just how important everything around the actual food itself is to the overall taste and experience. Blumenthal’s attention to detail is staggering, not just in the one-of-a-kind personalisation of his famed meals but also in his restaurant in general. The hand soap in the bathrooms has been specially formulated so as not to interfere with the customer’s olfactory senses and the walls are panelled with odour absorbing burnt charcoal; the kitchen has been refurbished to ensure that no sound or smells escape into the dining area. Every little thing is meticulously thought through, so when we were asked to create a custom steak knife for the restaurant, we knew that he expected great things. Fortunately, we were more than happy to deliver a bespoke design with a nod to the history of steak knives – the Larch Horn Handle. It went down a treat and is still used today for a hunt themed Venison dish.


Buy the Larch Horn Handle Set Here


Wherever you are in the world if you’re to treating yourself to a Michelin Star experience you might well come across our beautiful Studio William cutlery designs. We want to help you enjoy the very best meals out possible and find the perfect place to suit your tastes, so over the coming months we will be providing you, our readers, with an overview on our blog of each restaurant we are so proud to supply our award-winning designs to. From an introduction to the talent in the kitchen to a rundown of what to expect on the menu, we’ve got you covered to help you make the right choice. Why not make 2018 a year of exemplary flavour and give them all a go? Your taste-buds and flavour-perceiving mind will thank you for it…

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