Sample Service

There are a lot of exceptional Studio William flatware designs to choose from. We admit, we haven’t made your life easy when it comes to making that all-important selection that will grace your home for many years to come! But we don’t just expect you to make this decision on a whim – we want you to know, wholeheartedly, that you are buying the right set and in our view there’s no better way to do that than to feel the flatware in your hands and experience the joy of dining with it, in person.

Every, single piece of Studio William flatware is designed with a holistic view in mind. This isn’t just about flatware looking good (although, ours certainly does!), it’s about the weight, the finish, the curves and angles and the contrast between the two. It’s about how the flatware makes you feel and how it impacts your meal. And all of this could only ever been judged by the individual.

Because of this, we are thrilled to be able to offer a sample service, whereby you can test-run three of our designs in the comfort of your own home.

Select Your Samples

After you have perused all the designs on offer, hopefully you’ll be able to narrow it down to your top three. When you have, simply add these to your basket and you’re good to go! Remember, if you need any guidance on which range might suit your needs best, don’t hesitate to get in touch for some expert guidance.

Mulberry Mirror
Get to Know…

Each Studio William flatware range has lovely little idiosyncrasies hidden away in the details that you won’t find anywhere else, whether that’s the slightly raised handle edge of the Olive range that provides a comfortable rest for your little finger, the nod to British history in the shape of the King’s seal on our Royal Oak set or the bold handles of the Redwood, inspired by the strong trunk of its namesake tree. All of these subtleties really must be experienced to be fully appreciated, which is something you will get to do!

Experience the Finish

We offer both a mirror and satin finish for most of our flatware ranges and although these do offer aesthetics which are both pleasing but quite different to the eye, they also bring something different to the table in terms of texture, too.

The mirror finish goes through approximately 45 different polishing processes to bring it up to our high standards, which makes for an immaculate appearance and exceptionally smooth finish. The satin finish also goes through a similarly lengthy and meticulous polishing process, but ending with a fine brush as opposed to high shine, leaving it less reflective and actually soft to the touch!

We recommend, when choosing your sample sets, you get one of each finish so that you can feel the difference and see which one you love the most.

Take Your Time

Once you have purchased your chosen sample sets at a reduced rate, these are yours to keep. There’s no deadline or pressure to buy, there’s no rush to make your choice. Simply enjoy the cutlery in hand for everything it has to give.