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The Studio William Father’s Day Gift Guide

What better gift for Dad this Father’s Day then getting him kitted out in the kitchen?

Whether your old man is a bit of a culinary wizard himself or he just enjoys eating really great grub, there is little more welcomed than an award-winning addition to his daily dining experience.

From the classic luxury of our Mulberry range to the striking and unusual depths of our Obsidian Tilia sets, we have designs to suit all dads out there. Our Mahogany Satin steak knives make the ultimate gift for a father who loves tucking into a succulent sirloin and our array of serving sets are the perfect way to bring families together from the head of the table.

Treat your dad to something really special this year. Something he can treasure for a lifetime. Here are our top picks:

Tilia Obsidian 16 Cutlery Piece Set

Consisting of four of the Table Knife, Table Fork, Dessert Spoon and English Teaspoon, this will give your father everything he needs to set the table in serious style.

Our Tilia Obsidian range is of the same clean and sophisticated pattern of of Tilia Mirror and Satin, but with a dark, contemporary twist! Expect bold handles and subtle curves, combining angular and organic forms inspired by the Tilia tree.

Olive Mirror Serving Fork and Spoon Set

It’s probably fair to say that in many households, it’s mum who’s really in charge! But one thing we can let Dad take control of is serving up delicious culinary delights, from sharing dishes to family and friends.

With a unique, curved design and asymmetric lines that challenge the appearance of traditional cutlery, these dinner party essentials make a great talking piece and brings real personality to the table.

Mahogany Satin Steak Knife Set

All of our designs are inspired by nature, but the Mahogany range also gives a nod towards the painstaking manufacturing process that goes into making our cutlery, highlighting the perfect blend between utilitarian functionality and outstanding beauty.

Our Mahogany steak knives are put together like none other. Featuring stark contrast between proud handle and cinched waist and blades with the serration hidden on the underside for uninterrupted form.

Larch Mirror Cheese & Butter Knife Set

There is very little that beats an excellent cheeseboard and fortunately, for those who prefer to leave culinary prowess to the professionals, there is very little that you need to do to make this a superb end to a meal or stand-alone snack!

All the hard work is done for us by the Fromagers and preserve makers, on the prep side of things. All we need to do to take the enjoyment to the next level is present it right.

With our Larch Mirror Cheese & Butter Knife set, you can do no wrong. Following a time-tested, historical design from the 1700s but with a modern-day flair in the swoop of the blades this set offers the perfect way to enjoy the simple things.

4 Piece Sensory Textured Spoon Set

You don’t have to be a Michelin star chef to adventure into the gastronomical realm of flavour perception! Our gift-boxed 4-piece Sensory Spoon set gives you easy access to some of the world’s most cutting edge discoveries about the joy of exceptional taste.

Inspired by the findings of food-revolutionary Professor Charles Spence, these award-winning spoons are a key focus in our creative dining range.

With meticulously designed and carefully thought out dips, ripples, waves and dots these unassuming spoons take you straight to the heart of Gastrophysics, by stimulating the taste buds in a way you will have never experienced before.

Welcome your dad into the remarkable world of sensory dining this Father’s Day. Even eating a yoghurt will never be the same again!

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