A Bit About Baobab Cutlery
Art & Design

With wide handles and minimalist Scandinavian-esque design, we have endeavoured to create our Baobab cutlery range to be as handsome as the iconic African tree, or at least a nod towards it – the outstanding structure of this dazzling species is undeniably hard to match!

This prehistoric tree is one that predates humankind and even the splitting of the continents over 200 million years ago, so the fact that it lies at the heart of traditional remedies and folklore should come as no great surprise. Known as ‘The Tree of Life’ for it’s part in protecting many African animals and providing one of the most nutrient-rich fruits in the world; living for up to 5,000 years in arid conditions where little else thrives and offering the potential to transform millions of lives in rural Africa, we felt it our duty to draw attention to the importance and majesty of the Baobab through our Satin finish flatware.

A Bit About Baobab Cutlery

You’ll be hard-pressed to find a tree with as much to give as the Baobab.

Growing in 32 African countries since the dawn of time, reaching up to 30 metres high and a staggering 50 metres in circumference, Baobab trees play an incredibly important role in a delicate yet planet-effecting eco-system and always have done. Baobab trees not only provide much-needed shelter, water and highly nutritious food for both people and animals in Savannah communities but in modern times, the value of every part of the tree has become a main source of income for local people, marking a long-awaited turning point for some of the poorest parts of rural Africa.

Baobab fruit is in high demand all over the world thanks to the plentiful health and beauty benefits; the bark can be turned into clothing and rope; the seeds are used to make natural cosmetic oils and even the leaves are edible! As there is no such thing as a Baobab plantation and all Baobab trees are wild-harvested or family owned, it has been estimated by the National Geographic that global demand for Baobab produce is worth 1 billion dollars per year which would be spread across an incredible 10 million households in the driest and remotest parts of Africa.


Our Baobab cutlery range is one that has the ability to make a real change in the world. Due to lack of awareness, the wonderful possibility of supporting these African households in creating a strong economy through the sale of Baobab fruit has yet to be realised but with a push in the right direction, that could very quickly change.

We’re doing our part with our Baobab cutlery edition and by making this a conversation piece at your dinner table, you’ll be joining us. Aduna has also launched the #makebaobabfamous campaign to help make this sustainable income a reality – read more about that here