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National BBQ Week

National BBQ Week

From 28th May – 3rd June foodie fans, families and friends alike will be lighting up their BBQs up and down the UK to celebrate the 22nd National BBQ Week!

We love any excuse to get together with loved ones and enjoy good food in the sunshine, so we’re 100% on-board with this fun-loving summer campaign, but one thing we’re planning on doing a little differently here at Studio William, is bring a little luxury to the proceedings. Sure, there’s a something quintessentially British about a basic sausage in a bun, but why not transform your BBQ into something really special?

Put DOWN those plastic forks!

Remember when we told you how different materials affect your taste-buds? Well, plastic is a big a culprit as any for taking flavour down a notch and what’s more, it also ‘cheapens’ the experience too. In studies led by Professor Charles Spence, it was revealed that people not only rated the same yoghurt eaten from a stainless steel spoon 15% tastier than when eaten with a plastic spoon, but he also discovered that people were actually willing to pay considerably more for food eaten with high quality cutlery. It doesn’t really matter whether or not you’re planning on selling your food – we think this speaks volumes about the overall impact.

If that’s not enough to get you thinking that maybe your Studio William cutlery should be making an appearance at this year’s BBQ, perhaps the affects that single-use plastics on our planet will. Plastic takes hundreds of years to break down in the environment and it poses a huge threat to wildlife and our own wellbeing. The BBC recently announced that they are planning on eradicating single-use plastics from their operations by 2019, starting with plastic cups and cutlery. If we all followed suit, we could make a big difference to the world.

Set the scene

Everything that affects the senses will alter your dining experience and this can make the difference between a bog-standard BBQ and a luxury one.

Being outside, eating in nature is a wonderful thing and has the potential to heighten flavours, but this really depends on where you’re living. If you’re planning on having your National BBQ Week celebrations in your back garden alongside a motorway, this might not be so pleasant.

Find out what subtle changes you can make to your dining environment to make your BBQ offerings all the more delicious in our sensory perception blogs.

Kit yourself out

A company that is not only super-cool and cutting edge but also gives a percentage of profits to charity is a brand after our own hearts. For every £200 spent on Studio William cutlery, we donate £2.50 to the International Tree Foundation, so you can feel good about your ethical shopping choices when you’re tucking into something delicious! Small lifestyle brand and design studio Urbanology has teamed up with Tabasco to create an awesome line of weather-proof must-haves for National BBQ Week, from aprons and tool-belts to the more unusual Beard-Pinny (innovation at it’s finest!) and 10% of each sale goes towards the children’s food charity Magic Breakfast.

Serve in style

There’s no need to be slap-dash with your food presentation just because it’s a BBQ. Our seafood forks provide a unique way to dip into beautifully prepared parcels and our taster spork is a fun and luxurious twist on a picnic staple. When it comes to big sharing bowls or platters, equip your guests with the means to fill their plates in style with our exciting range of serving forks and spoons.

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