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Ones To Watch – Shane Marshall

Ones to Watch – Shane Marshall

We love a chef with big aspirations and Shane Marshall is just that. Since opening Hatched’s doors in 2017 and laying Studio William cutlery on the tables, this cosy, international restaurant with bags of soul has gone from strength to strength; continually wowing patrons with exciting and innovative dishes and focusing attention on the little details to get people truly connecting over a great meal.

In an exclusive interview for our Studio William Hall of Fame, we caught up with Shane to find out what makes this fantastic chef tick and what we can expect to see from him in the future…

If you became stuck on a desert island, you could choose one piece of your Mulberry cutlery to take with you, which piece would you choose?

Mulberry Mirror Taster Spork

As a Studio William fan, you already know that our ranges are named after some of our favourite trees that inspire their design. What is your favourite tree and why?

"Oak Tree – It’s a beaut to climb!"
- Shane Marshall

What’s your favourite industry moment from the past year?

Opening my own restaurant.

What is your favourite colour?

I couldn’t choose one – I think you need more than one colour to complement each other.

When developing Hatched you drew from your own positive eating experiences to create your ideal dining environment. Do you have any plans for the future to expand on this and if so, what are your next steps in getting there?

Yes, but not in the next 18 months. Hatched is still along way from where it needs to be! I would like to develop a Guest House with a big garden, 6-8 bedrooms and a greenhouse, so we can grow throughout the year.

Your menu delivers dishes from across the globe. If you get a chance to get out the kitchen this year, where in the world is the next place you would want to visit and why?

Hong Kong is the next place I want to visit. There is always something going on! It’s an incredible cultural melting pot.

What is your favourite season? What is your favourite season to cook in?

Spring/Summer is great. People are more open to lighter dishes. Fish and larder items are my favourite sections to work with. There is a lot of variety and depth, with subtle notes.

It’s clear that every aspect of each dish is carefully put together. Naturally, the cutlery your customers use will affect the overall dining experience so, why did you choose Studio William for your restaurant?

Well I am very familiar with Studio William. Mulberry was actually at the two previous restaurants I worked at. The range is clean and timeless and surprisingly easy to look after, which is very important when you are in service.

Studio William fits with my ethos. Small, specialised and run with love. Other companies are too keen for upselling and securing the sale where-as Studio William takes the time to listen and make suggestions.

We love how you used your Studio William spoons to serve the monkfish, hummus and charred pepper canapés back in September! If you could create a new piece of cutlery, what would it be and how would you use it?

I’m not a cutlery expert, so I will leave the cutlery designing to William. Usually we let people use the cutlery how they want to. It really makes the dinner experience more relaxed and in my opinion, more enjoyable.

Do you, personally, have any special dietary requirements? If so, does that affect the dishes you choose to create for your restaurant?

Nothing that I know of. For me at least, the role of a Chef is making people happy. If someone comes to our restaurant and has special requirements, then we can try and make something from what we have in stock for them.

"For me at least, the role of a Chef is making people happy."
- Shane Marshall

You strive to encourage your restaurant guests to put down their phones and really spend time with each other over a good meal. Why is that?

I think being present in the moment is very important. Sometimes it’s too easy to hide behind a phone or get sucked down a social media rabbit hole. Just taking in each experience as it happens allows you to create truly memorable moments and in turn, build stronger relationships. My place is about having a good time with friends. Pure and simple.

What attracted you to the culinary world, initially?

Chef Chris Stone. I was 15 when I met him at the Good Food Show. I asked him for a job, and I have never looked back.

And what do you love about it now?

Being true to the ingredients and respecting its intrinsic qualities and flavours. Giving people the freedom and options to enjoy their meal as they like is important to me.

How would you describe your style of cooking?

Simple and clean. The less actions you do, the more focussed you can be. The more consistent you can be, the better the quality of your output can be for all of you guests.

What are the essential ingredients you can’t live without?

I often use chillies as a background flavour, but nothing I couldn’t do without.

Who is your greatest inspiration?

Time and chefs I have worked with. At my place we have a rule four: everything on our menu is achieved within four movements per dish and per cocktail. It can be challenging sometimes to fit the brief.

What makes a good chef great?

Love and care that goes into the preparation of every dish you make.

"The Love and care that goes into the preparation of every dish you make, is what makes a good chef great"
- Shane Marshall

What’s your favourite meal?

I don’t have one. I love trying new things.

Aside from the ingredients, what else do you think affects the flavour of your food?

Everything. Atmosphere, mood, temperature, Lighting and the company you keep.

Do you have a recipe you’re most proud of?

Avocado and Prawn cocktail with Soya and Wasabi Dressing. A classic dish with a twist.

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