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Behind the Design: Karri Cutlery

Inspiration Behind Karri

Graceful and towering as the third tallest tree in the world and one of the most sacred trees in Australia the Karri tree, the inspiration behind our best-selling Karri range, is a distinctive and deeply loved part of nature, considered sacred by the Aborigines.

Standing in the canopy of a Karri tree forest has been described as having the same awe-inspiring effect as walking into an immense cathedral. With dizzying heights feeling impossibly high and the gloaming pale grey trunks revealing subtle shades of golden orange and pinks for a few short months, we have been left feeling deeply moved by the artistry our world has to offer.

Our Karri cutlery has drawn from the simplicity and sophistication of this revered type of eucalyptus, with a little ingenuity thrown in for good measure. The result? One of our signature pieces and a highly celebrated design…

A Bit About Karri

The Karri tree is uniquely Western Australian, making it somewhat iconic with numerous individuals reaching fame for their vital role as fire lookouts, being featured in 19th century art by English artist Marianne North and for the sheer size and charm for a few Karris in particular.

It’s not just the striking appearance of the Karri tree that wins hearts, it is also the intoxicating scent of a forest that carries for miles on a soft breeze, filling the air with an almost indescribable scent and also the incredible organic honey that is produced from delightfully fragrant blooms that only flower once every seven to 10 years.

Karri is one of the largest living things on our planet, reaching heights of 100m when first recorded, weighing over 500 tonnes and taking nine people holding hands to reach around it’s diameter, all grown in a relatively short 400 years. The wood is hard and heavy, so hard in fact that it has a tendency to blunt cutting machines when being harvested, and is a beautiful red colour. This durability and refined look lends to the elegance of tribal Didgeridoos, many of which are made using Karri wood.


Our Karri range is truly one of a kind, just like the majestic tree and as a two-time award winner we’re not the only ones to think it’s something really exceptional. This cutlery is designed to be a real show off – not meant to lie discreetly to the side of a plate but rather stand up and steal the show! The transition between vertical blade and horizontal handle gives the Karri knives the capacity to balance blade down on the plate without falling over, adding to the theatre of the dining experience.

Each piece is made using thicker gauge stainless steel for a reassuring and satisfying weight, something that Gastrophysics professor, Charles Spence, has discovered enhances flavour perception to such an extent that diners are left feeling willing to pay more for a meal than when lighter cutlery is used. Karri is use at the Two Michelin Star Restaurant, Enigma at the Palazzo Versace


Karri Mirror Table Knife

The signature piece of the range, the Karri table knives are designed to stand up at the table or over a dish with the same notable splendour as the iconic Eucalyptus.

• Length: 245mm
• Approx Weight: 100g
• Metal Thickness: 9.0mm

Karri Mirror Soup Spoon

The asymmetric Karri spoons are the ideal choice for sipping, slurping, spooning and shovelling!

• Length: 210mm
• Approx Weight: 85g
• Metal Thickness: 5.0mm

Karri Mirror Fish Fork

Paired with the matching Karri fish knife, this three-pronged instrument with wide heavy handle and elegant tines carries an air of sophistication.

• Length: 188mm
• Approx Weight: 60g
• Metal Thickness: 4.5mm

Karri Mirror Table Fork

The journey from wide, heavy handle to a delicate neck and the finally finishing on elongated tines is what sets our Karri table for apart from the rest. Refined dining at its best.

• Length: 210mm
• Approx Weight: 75g
• Metal Thickness: 5.3mm

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